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What Will Happen if a Cataract is Left Untreated?


A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye, which leads to loss of vision. Cataracts are part of the aging process and are very common in older people, sometimes due to use of medications, trauma or HTN & diabetes can also lead to this situation.

If you have blurring of vision in one or both of your eyes, you should get your eyes checked and if your doctor says that you are having a cataract in your eye then you should plan a cataract surgery after discussing with your treating eye specialist.

The main treatment for cataract is eye surgery. Cataract surgery is a routine and safe operation that removes the clouded lens and replaces it with a new artificial lens that is clear, the artificial lens implant improves and restores eyesight.

Consequences of untreated cataracts or effects of delayed cataract operation

  1. With the progression of cataract, the lens becomes very hard and completely white in colour, it is called a mature cataract. Which makes them more difficult to remove, and can cause surgery complications.
  2. A mature cataract can block the drainage of fluid inside the eye. This results in increased pressure in the eyes, it is termed as glaucoma and this usually results in irreversible loss of eyesight. Glaucoma is more likely if you have advanced cataract.
  3. Once the cataract develops, the undue prolongation of cataract surgery may result in suboptimal recovery of vision even after cataract surgery.
  4. If you have cataract, it will get worse over time, and your vision will get worse. Important skills can be affected, such as driving, and loss of vision affects the overall quality of life in many ways, including reading, working, hobbies, and sports. If left untreated cataract can cause total blindness.

     5. Double vision or Diplopia is a common occurrence, due to the clouding of the natural lens and affects daily activity. The double vision may result in a headache or in severe conditions this may be dangerous while driving a vehicle because of poor judgment about localizing objects.

     6. Due to cataract appearance of haloes and glare around the point source of light (eg bulb or headlight of approaching vehicle) results in extreme difficulty especially while driving the vehicle at night.

     7. Night vision problems may also be due to changes in pupil size in dark conditions exposing patients to more problems during the night which could easily be ignored during the day. Driving the vehicle at night becomes dangerous in such cases

The best outcomes for cataract surgery take place when surgery is performed soon after vision problems develop. It’s best not to wait too long to have the surgery performed. At DREI ( DR RISHI EYE INSTITUTE) we are performing cataract surgery with the latest painless technique and with the availability of all the lenses that is suitable to the patient.

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