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What is Cornea ?

Cornea is a lens which is located in outermost layer of eyes which is a cover of anterior chamber, it works as a convex lens and assists in visualization process it is a major responsible factor which makes visualization possible.


Causes of Cornea :-


Fungal infections can be the reason of corneal ulcers and may additionally take place with fallacious care of contact lenses


There are seasonal and sometimes can go automatically but not all viral infections go on their own and they grow severely serious sometimes and need to be treated


Bacterial eye infection is an acute or chronic, temporary or recurrent contamination of the cornea with various predilection for anatomical

Symptoms of Cornea

If you notice any of the following symptoms you need to see the specialist at Dr. Rishi`s eye Institute, it is situated in the center of the city and commuting is easy. So let`s probe into these symptoms:


Pain in Eyes

A consistent pain in eyes, is an alarming sign and requires the attention. If you feel throbbing, stabbing or burning sensation in your eyes then visiting to Dr. Rishi`s clinic will be great.


If you feel that your eyes are reddish then it is not a usual sign, sometimes a blood clot can be visible in the eyes and is critically serious and can lead to serious infections.



Epiphora or tearing can cause problems, sometimes there can be abundant of tears of sometimes eyes may feel dry or lack of tears, if you are experiencing this kind of problems then visit an eye specialist in Karnal.



Decreased Vision

Our life style is affecting our body and eyes are an important part of our body thus vision can get impaired or can be decreased by the passage of time, which need to be heeded immediately.

Treatment Options

  • Medicines
  • Surgical/ Corneal Transplant

General Question

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We are Super Specialty Eye Care Service Provider located at 1363/64 Sector 6, Karnal. Dr. Rishi Eye Institute Was Setup on 1st March 2020. Hospital is Catering to Patients with Eye Related Problems Cataract Surgery, Cornea, Squint Surgery Etc. & Ophthalmology Critical Care Services.

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