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What is Squint ?

Squint (Strabismus) occurs when the eyes are not accurately aligned and point in different directions while focussing on an object. It is generally known as ‘turned,’ ‘lazy’ or ‘crossed’ eyes.


If you notice squint in one or both your eyes then it is serious, your kith and kin will notice it very soon or even you may feel it yourself while looking into the mirror.


What Happens in Squint

In Squint, one eye or both eyes may turn either inward (esotropia), outward (exotropia), upward (hypertropia) or downward (hypotropia). Squint may be constant or intermittent. While the causes of Squint are not fully understood, it is known that an abnormality in the muscles and/or under developed vision in one or both eyes are the contributing factors.

Symptoms of Squint


Crossed Eyes

It is a condition in which the eyes do not match. That is, one eye is turning in a different direction than the other. Under normal conditions, the six muscles that control eye movement work together to keep both eyes pointing in the same direction.

Double Vision

Double vision occurs when a person sees a double image that should have only one. The two images can be side by side, one on top of the other, or both. This condition can affect your balance, movement, and your ability to read. Binocular diplopia only occurs when both eyes are open.


Uncoordinated Eye Movements

Each of your eyes sees a slightly different image. The brain combines these two images into a single three-dimensional image through a process called fusion. Good visual coordination will keep your eyes in the right place



Loss of Depth Perception

Sometime the eyes cannot see the depth of the visuals around. The lack of intensity belief decreases with the lack of visible contrast. Two wholesome functioning eyes are important for correct intensity belief. So, even supposing one eye is correct,

Changing Prescription of Specs

One of the number one worries of human beings getting new prescription glasses is the time it takes to get used to it. Sometimes, you may even discover that your imaginative and prescient is distorted,


Treatment Options

Early diagnosis of Squint (Strabismus) is essential in preventing irreparable vision loss later in life. Squint treatment aims to enhance the alignment of the eyes and to correct the resulting vision loss (amblyopia). Squint and amblyopia can be treated with combination of glasses, eye patching and/or surgery.

Surgery includes treating one or more of the eye muscles to correct the position of the eye(s). The treatment is performed under local/general anesthesia in operation theatre. Now a days squint is treated with latest fornix method, leading no/ minimal scarring. this is a day care procedures and patient may resume his/her routine activities from the very next day.


When to see a doctor for squint?

When you see that your friends and near and dears are noticing a squint or sometimes you may even notice is yourself, visit a specialist soon.


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